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Mathematics Capstone Festival
Thursday, May 15, 2013
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Chapman Science Academic Center (Building 53), Room S222

Detailed Schedule:

11.30-12.05: Welcome and Refreshments
12.05-12.15: “Understanding Semantics through Vector space models” by Kristen Rinaldi
12.20-12.30: “Connection between Knuth and Forgotten relations” by Diana Zambrano & Sandra Zuniga
12.35-12.45: “Move the Robot using Quaternions” by Amanda Roggow
12.50-1.00: “The Twisted Tree of a non-orientable surface” by Miryam Moctezuma
1.05-1.15: “Zeroing in for Abstract Algebra-from a teaching approach” by Helen Krummenacker
1.20-1.30: “Lie group approach to Differential Equations” by Daniel Lopez
1.35-1.45: “Self-Similar world after all” by Alfred Brown & Michael Fautch
1.50-2.00: “Orientation of surfaces with a Knotty twist” by Steven Kastner

2.00-2.20: Department Award Ceremony

2.20-4.00: Poster Session

“Designed to Teach-The Rubik’s Cube in the Classroom” by Joanne Haverstock.
“It’s All a Little Fuzzy” by Kyle Mountain & Lazarus Dixon
“Applications of Cyclic Groups in Every Day Life” by Lauren Sommers
“Algebraic Structures Behind Genetic Inheritance” by Luis Aguirre
“Algebraic Structures for Nim-Like Games” by Michael Eriksen
“Major League Capstone: Group Theory and Baseball” by Arnulfo J. Organista & Kevin Kullback
“Secret Braids” by Rebecca Liechty
“Elliptic Curve Cryptography” by Rigoberto Alcantar
“Search for a Connection Between the Forgotten and Knuth Relation” in S_n” by Diana Zambrano & Sandra Zuniga
“Application of Two Dimensional Cellular Automata in Cryptography” by Jesus Melendez